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+ .:: Rules and Information ::. +

:iconamongststars: General :iconamongststars:

:bulletblue: Please respect the pairings of everyone, inside and out of the group. There is to be absolutely no bashing / insulting / name-calling, fighting or whatever of other people, their characters, or their couples.

:bulletblack: If you are one of those people who do not support OC X Canon please keep your opinions to yourself.

:iconamongststars: Gallery Submissions :iconamongststars:

:bulletblue: 4 pictures per day ONLY. Submit more than that we'll only accept 4 and decline the rest.

:bulletblack: Only pictures / fanfictions of your OC x Canon are allowed. That is the main focus of the group, afterall.

:bulletblue: Feature section in the gallery is usually allowed for submission. This folder is for current club activities such as contests. They will be open for members once there is an active group activity.

:bulletblack: Please make sure that you submit your artwork to the correct folder. It saves us a lot of trouble.

:bulletblue: You must credit on your deviation description which anime your Canon is from. Otherwise it will be denied or put into the wrong folder category.

:bulletblack: WIPs (Work in Progresses) are to be submitted into the group's favorites. This also includes but does not limit to sketches and LineArts.

:bulletblue: Keep all gallery submissions PG-13.

:bulletblack: We no longer accept base works whether or not they are original bases or traced bases. They can be placed in the group's Favorite section though.

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We do not Accept:
:bulletblack: Anti-Couple
:bulletblack: Anti-Character


Hello, members of :iconoc-x-canon: - I hope this message finds you well.

Lately, the group has been receiving a large amount of submissions that don't comply with the rules. Please note that it only takes a collective minute in order to read the rules. They're very simple but in the case that some of you are confused as to why your submissions are being declined, I've decided to write this journal to try and point out the biggest reasons why pieces aren't being accepted and what you can do to make sure that any future submissions go smoothly.

We'll start off the with the biggest reason why pieces are declined or take a while to be accepted:

:bulletred: You must credit on your deviation description which anime your Canon is from.

* Please note that the reason we ask this of our members is because it's respectful to credit the source of where the canon character comes from...and because we need the title of the fandom to ensure you're submitting pieces to the correct folder.

At the end of your main comment in your description, there should be a small section devoted to credits. You can use the following template to make it easier for you. Make sure you replace (Name of Canon Character) and (Insert Fandom) and (Insert Author/Creator/Company) with the appropriate names.

(Name if Canon Character(s) ) is/are from (Name of Fandom/Movie/Anime/Game, etc.) by (Author/Creator/Company)
(Name of your OC(s) ) belong(s) to me/(your username)

...and here is a finished example. I'll use my own OC/Canon pairing so that you can see what we look for.

Genjyo Sanzo is from Saiyuki by Minekura Kazuya
Guo Daiyu belongs to anobouzu

This should be clearly visible in the artist's comments/description OR it should be plainly visible in a watermark somewhere on your deviation. Simply giving the name of the canon character or the name of the fandom in the title will not be allowed. Make the process easier for us to accept your piece and your piece will be accepted very quickly, ensuring that it's also being submitted to the right folder.
Also note that if you do not know the name of the author/creator/company who owns the fandom that the canon character is from, you can search the answer by typing the name of the fandom into google...but all we really need is the name of the fandom. ^^

Also note that you must write out the name of the series as it is given in the folder - if it's in English, write it in English. If it's in Japanese, write the full Japanese title of the series. 

:bulletred: Only pictures / fanfictions of your OC x Canon are allowed

* When you submit a picture of ONLY your OC, a canon character, or anything else that ISN'T a pairing picture that features an OC/FC with a canon character, it will be declined. There is no exception to this rule. There are plenty of groups that will allow you to submit fan art or solo pictures of your OC. Please check out our affiliates to see some of these groups.

:bulletred: Please make sure that you submit your artwork to the correct folder.

* This is pretty straight-forward but please make sure you're submitting your piece to the correct folder. We have a myriad of fandoms that have folders - they are all listed alphabetically so please ensure that your fandom is listed. If it's not, then you can either submit it to > Misc. Video Games for any gaming fandom related pieces, or 'Other Fandom' for any movies, anime, cartoons, books, etc.
Any piece that is credited as a different fandom than the folder they are submitting it to will be declined.

:bulletred: WIPs (Work in Progresses) are to be submitted into the group's favorites

* This one is not much of a problem but I still see it happening. Please ensure that you submit your very best and final piece to the gallery. Note that this does NOT mean we are "skill" judges. What we mean by your best means that it is fully colored, lined, and ready to be called 'a finished piece'. Any sketches or lineart, if they are going to be your 'final' version of that drawing, should be clean and clear, in other words, NEAT.
Also, please don't submit a lineart or sketch of a drawing if you plan to color it and finish might as well wait until coloring it to submit your final piece. This is to avoid duplicates.

:bulletred: We no longer accept base works

* If you use bases, trace/edit over official images that aren't yours - then we cannot accept the piece into the gallery. You are, however, allowed to suggest it to the group's favorites. Simple: if the work isn't completely yours, then it's not allowed.

:bulletred: Keep all gallery submissions PG-13

* Self-explanatory. There's a good chance that if your artwork has a mature-filter on it, we will have to decline it. This is not to say that we (the mods) dislike non PG-13 works, but we are simply following the group's original rules as well. Thank you for understanding.

I really do hope that new and active members will take the time to read and review these rules. We look forward to seeing your future OC/Canon works :heart:
As you might have guessed several of the admin team of this group have been dealing life away from DA more recently. I don't want this group to go down hill as it is still a very active group in terms of submissions. So I am putting out the call for new Management members; this does include a new group founder as well as other admin positions.

If you are interested please note the group with what position you can do and list at least two group rules.
More Journal Entries

Random from Featured

As useless as wishing is, he finds a small percentage of himself—roughly ten percent—wishing it wouldn't come to this. He wishes that it never happened, he thought he was above it. Had it not been for that maybe this would be easier?
He'd known since the day he first laid eyes on Light Yagami that he was Kira, and no matter how adamantly he'd protest his innocence—and how remarkably believable his protests had been—he'd known that he would return to being Kira eventually. As was the case for Misa Amane, the Second Kira. Except up until this point, no one would side with him on the matter, which he supposed was understandable. It wasn't as if he had any substantial evidence against either of them, and this was without taking into account their attachment to the young man.
Light Yagami, the prodigious son of the Chief of the NPA, with the adoring girlfriend who'd do anything to make him love her, even going so far as to kill.

Attachment complicated things.
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 5 8
She wants to kill him.
Well, no. "Kill" might be too strong of a word, considering what they go up against every day, have been going up against for these past few months. No, she should give him the biggest atomic wedgie he has ever gotten; she should wedgie him so hard that when she'd be through with him, it would take four rounds of surgery just to pull his underwear out of his butt, plus four rounds of cosmetic surgery to fix his face.
Honestly! What is it with him and his need to dangle unmentionables in her face for Light and all of their friends to behold? She hasn't hated him this much since that incident with the tampons. Or of course, since he'd dragged her into this case. What did she ever do to him?
This time, apparently, it's about screwing up his laundry.
It had started out innocently enough: being laundry day, and with it coming that pang of guilt from having poor Watari pick up after her all the time. Being forced to live with a group of people shouldn't give someone th
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 2 2
In all of her time in the country, she's had yet to try the Japanese snack delicacy known as pocky. Therefore, when she sees a street vendor selling it, she just has to give it a shot. No use studying in a foreign culture if you don't immerse yourself in it as fully as possible, or at least, as fully as she can, in the current living arrangements she's in.
"What do you mean, you've never had pocky?" squeals Misa, like this is some sort of social injustice that Kira has not yet tackled. "We'd better fix that!" She slaps a few bills' worth of yen in front of the bewildered vendor. "Two orders of kiwifruit mango pocky, please."
"Wh-whoa, hang on, Misa," she stammers, a tad flustered that Misa-Misa, a celebrity, would want to buy something for her on a whim. "I don't want to get a real convoluted flavor when I don't know yet if I'm even gonna like it."
Misa pouts, "No one can not like pocky, Elin. It's physically impossible. Even Light likes it, and he's a picky eater. Besides, kiwifruit m
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 5 1
If this nonsense doesn't end soon—or right now, if she had her way—she doesn't know how much more of this she can take. No, this isn't about just her; if she feels this crazy, she can only imagine how Mr. Yagami and the kids are holding up, bound and locked up like animals while she still has enough freedom to swing back and forth between school and "headquarters" with supervision. Meanwhile, Kira is back and badder than ever, and Ryuzaki's acting like it's not even happening in their plain view (for no other reason but to milk a lousy, worthless confession out of Light).
She decides to rebel through non-violent protest that borders somewhere between kindergarten obnoxiousness and passive-aggressive bitchiness. A coward like her in her situation has no other means to get Ryuzaki to see the light (as in reason, not the boy he's been obsessively watching for weeks on end). Well, there's probably the diplomatic way, but she and diplomacy are estranged cousins three times removed
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 1 6
In hindsight, she almost hasn't the faintest idea why she'd picked oysters in yet another foolhardy attempt to knock the great detective down a peg or two, and at the same time, get his gears grinding again. She doesn't even like them. Crab and lobster are acceptable, and sushi is okay (she'd have to be a total jerk to fly over to Japan and not like at least some of their sushi), but mollusks? Blech!
Actually, why hadn't she picked either of those sweet red meats, instead of this hideous arrangement of slimy pollution-colored bivalves set out in front of them, their shells open in a sort of challenging stance, daring her to slurp up at least one of them?
(This is what people call an appetizer?)
Then she remembers. If she hates oysters, the mere sight of the shellfish is bound to kill L, considering how all she's ever seen him eat is junk food. He thinks he can eat away his sorrows while Kira is free to do as he pleases. Not this time. She's going to spur him into action by torturing hi
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 2 1
"Could you—nah, I don't think I should make you do that…"
"What is it, Elin? If you need something, I can readily fetch it for you."
"No. Really. It's…it's nothin'. It's too stupid…"
"Come on, Elin, what do you need? I'm sure it's anything but."
"See, I…back at home, when we were kids, and I got sick like I am now, my brother used to sit in bed with me, and we'd read together. And kind of…cuddle, a little."
"Y-you guys cuddled?"
Cough, cough. "Uh-huh. It was one of those rare moments when we actually acted like siblings."
"You want me to do the same thing, don't you?"
"Well, uh, not really, I—yeah. Yeah, that's kind of where I was getting at. Yeah. I'm sorry."
"You have nothing to be sorry for, Elin. If it'll help you feel better, then I'll do it."
"But…what about my flu? Aren't you worried about catching it?"
"Ha-ha! I'm wearing a mask and gloves, aren't I?"
"Thank you, Matsui. You wanna see the funnies, first?"
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 4 6
For once, Misa lets her pick where to go for yet another potentially dreadful date night, on the condition that it turns out to be the best they've ever had, so far (given the quality of the last dozen, her expectations have fallen so low that a totally uneventful outing would do it for her).
Swearing that she'll do much better than that, Erin asks, "Any of you guys know a good bowling alley?"
Erin's not exactly the athletic type, that's more her brother's thing. But if she had to choose a favorite sport, bowling would be the first to come to mind. If one wanted honesty, anyway. There's just something relaxing about the whole thing: like packing all of your troubles into a smooth, heavy ball and swinging them down the lane of life, watching them disappear with all of your worries that loom up ahead with an awesome, thunderous crash (in fact, when she and Farley were growing up, he would tell her that actual thunder was the sound of cloud-giants bowling to help soothe her anxiety toward
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 3 3
Erin Blogger doesn't appear to be in as big of a rush to go home as she initially had been. It's almost funny, now. When he'd first brought her into custody, she's protested until she'd turned blue that she "doesn't have forever to waste" (as though catching Kira was going to quite literally take them forever). Not to mention the past few months she's spent egging him every chance she'd get about postponing work just because he'd gotten a little depressed about being wrong about Light's guilt (he's always suspected Kira to be highly intelligent and cunning, but he may have underestimated him, if that's even possible, which had only depressed him all the more).
Now that things are back in gear, here she is complaining to Misa about the lack of adequate "breaks" for the task force as they paint their toenails on her sofa, while he watches from the discretion of the monitor room. "Breaks" which will cut in on work towards apprehending Kira and thus prolong her wait for her release.
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 1 2
"Kid, if you keep eating like that, your body's gonna quit on you."
L is the middle of prodding at the strawberry from his cake with the prongs of his fork when she waltzes in unannounced and takes a seat on his left. These are her first words to him, the opening for another new argument.
Light doesn't pull his gaze away from the monitor, but types away as he mildly chides her, "Elin, whatever it is you want, could you please come back later? We're trying to work, and I don't think that this is any emergency that we should know about."
She waves from across the room. "Oh, I never said you had to stop working, Light. But this kinda is an emergency. Ryuzaki doesn't eat right. You like variety, don't you, Ryuzaki? So how come all I ever see you eat is junk food? Sure, we all like it, too, but you need balance, man. There's a lot more to the food pyramid than just cake and cookies and plain old sugar."
It's true, he does like variety, but there are many different kinds of desserts besides
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 6 2
Fifteen minutes ago, Matsuda had been sent away to brew a fresh pot of coffee, fuel for another all-nighter. Neither he nor the requested beverage, never mind both, have materialized in the monitor room since then. Further investigation with a disgruntled Light in tow reveals an empty kitchenette and a now lukewarm pot of coffee.
Surveillance reveals a grinning Matsuda on Misa's couch in slippers, a large bowl of popcorn settled next to him (plain, not the good caramel- or chocolate-coated kind). All light sources in the room are off except several scented candles scattered in the corners and a flashlight in Matsuda's hand, which he aims at the center of the wall. Misa and "Elin" are sitting at his feet in their nightwear, making shapes with their hands in front of the light and giggling at the shadows projected on the wall.
Shadow puppetry?
Elin holds up a fist and moves it in front of the light in what is supposed to be a hopping motion, wiggling two fingers for ears and protruding t
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 4 11
She never would've thought a day like Father's Day could bring about so much angst. Father's Day, for her, had always been a day for goofing off with her old man. It'd been about waking up at the crack of dawn to fix him breakfast—both a gesture of appreciation and an attempt to impress him with whatever mad cooking skills she'd learned from him—and watching his face contort into odd expressions as he tried to swallow her culinary creations, then insist on the whole gang going out to eat when she'd ask him if she should make him lunch, too. It'd been about getting him the craziest tie she could find (ideally, one that's even crazier than the one her brother would get) to add to his collection, but not before biting back snickers as their father paraded his gift around his neck for all of his friends to behold at work for several days afterwards. It'd been about the entire tribe spending the afternoon at the bowling alley—her and him versus Mom and Farley, though it could
:iconwhiteladydragon:WhiteLadyDragon 2 1
OC x Canon by Lily-pily OC x Canon :iconlily-pily:Lily-pily 488 26 Canon Marysues by neopuff Canon Marysues :iconneopuff:neopuff 62 61 My OC loves a canon character by 0Dreamlight0 My OC loves a canon character :icon0dreamlight0:0Dreamlight0 401 50


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JohnnOCFC Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Question I added the folder about Digimon pairing of my anime oc rival x other girls? I want to ask you why? A question to ask you, feel free to reply me/ message me, thank you. -Creator JMA
anobouzu Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017
If you're asking why your submissions were declined, it's because there were no credits to the character and fandom/source they are from in the artist's comments of the pieces. I noticed now that you did not draw them - if this is the case, you can suggest them to the group's favorites. 
CasstheWolf Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if this group is still alive said only full colored pictures.  What if it was never intended to be a full colored with all the bells and whistles type this one -

Beware the Wiles of a Fox by CasstheWolf

The colors are intentional...and I have no plans to fully 'color' it in the future.
lady-blackwings Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We're still kicking. ^^

Well I'm not sure what the previous owners told you but here is my thought on the matter. The only rule listed I saw that could relate is no WIP. So as long as the piece is complete and credited I have no problem with it. I know I've done greyscale/ black and white pieces that aren't 'colorful'. As long as your finished with it, it doesn't look like a wip and it follows all the other rules I see no problem with accepting limited color works.  
hellsingfanchick Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Quick question: as long as the piece complies with the rules of the group, is it alright if the OCxCanon couple is gay/lesbian/generally queer?

Just wanted to check before I submitted.
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