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+ .:: Rules and Information ::. +

:iconamongststars: General :iconamongststars:

:bulletblue: Please respect the pairings of everyone, inside and out of the group. There is to be absolutely no bashing / insulting / name-calling, fighting or whatever of other people, their characters, or their couples.

:bulletblack: If you are one of those people who do not support OC X Canon please keep your opinions to yourself.

:iconamongststars: Gallery Submissions :iconamongststars:

:bulletblue: 4 pictures per day ONLY. Submit more than that we'll only accept 4 and decline the rest.

:bulletblack: Only pictures / fanfictions of your OC x Canon are allowed. That is the main focus of the group, afterall.

:bulletblue: Feature section in the gallery is usually allowed for submission. This folder is for current club activities such as contests. They will be open for members once there is an active group activity.

:bulletblack: Please make sure that you submit your artwork to the correct folder. It saves us a lot of trouble.

:bulletblue: You must credit on your deviation description which anime your Canon is from. Otherwise it will be denied or put into the wrong folder category.

:bulletblack: WIPs (Work in Progresses) are to be submitted into the group's favorites. This also includes but does not limit to sketches and LineArts.

:bulletblue: Keep all gallery submissions PG-13.

:bulletblack: We no longer accept base works whether or not they are original bases or traced bases. They can be placed in the group's Favorite section though.

Gallery Folders

Ao no Exorcist - Blue Exorcist
Dragonball Z
Final Fantasy
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Gundam Wing
Harry Potter
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Kingdom Hearts
Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler
Legend of Zelda
Misc. Video Games
Multiple Fandoms
One Piece
Other Fandoms
Samurai Champloo
Prince of Tennis
Red Dead Redemption
Saint Seiya
Shaman King
Silent Hill
Soul Eater
Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D
Yu Yu Hakusho
Vampire Knight
Fairy Tail
Get Backers
Marvel Comics
Fuishigi Yuugi
hotel transylvania
sonic series game
samurai jack
my life as a teenage robot
sly cooper
Treasure Planet
Hunter x Hunter
Tiger and Bunny
Captain Tsubasa
Percy Jackson
Xiaolin Showdown


We do not Accept:
:bulletblack: Anti-Couple
:bulletblack: Anti-Character


There is a bug right now that is changing the category all the submissions are coming up in. And by this I mean I go back to and all the submissions change to whatever category the latest submission was put in. So all submissions are going to be declined and closed for a few days. Hopefully this won't last more than a week.

*Also many of the submissions are coming in without series acknowledgement. This is the biggest reason in our declining of submissions so far. Please remember to acknowledge both the series creator and yourself in your description. Also with new keyword search system this will make your piece come up in more searches.

*The 'Other' and "Misc" folders are closed right now. We had almost 50 pages of submissions in these folders. I'm trying to cut them down by sorting them into proper folders.
-Because of this many new folders are appearing. I'm trying to get them open as soon as I make them but if you run into a problem submitting something please leave a comment here.
-Also if you have a group of things you want to submit but don't see a folder please tell me here. When I get the folder up I'll write you back.
:iconsushi-troll: is promoting a contest for the club :iconlilith-fc:


:bulletyellow: :iconmarie8d: - Kiyomi with classmates in Norway, guided by Nanna and Saga through the snow.

After lurking around on the OC shelf, miffed about being ignored for almost two years and about ready to unleash hellish fury upon the cookie jar for standing in the way, Lilith the demon queen has made it back in full – and what a joy it is to see she still has supporters! :D Along for the ride came Kiyomi and Fengmei, one a lot better known than the other, as well as many characters belonging to lots of other people. To celebrate this, as well as give this fanclub a good kickstart into the new year, we have cooked up a contest. :eager:

The theme is fairly simple – winter. Why? Because in the northern hemisphere, thar be winter. In fact, snow is all I see wherever I look nowadays, and I can't get enough of it. :D (Then again, I'm Norwegian, so that's to be expected.) Naturally, when we say winter, we don't mean winter just anywhere in the world – snow is required – and even though Egypt and Mallorca got some snow last year, we'd like for the country chosen to be a place where snow is a natural sight during winter (both northern and southern hemisphere).

Consequently, we have rules. I'm a sucker for rules, and strict in enforcing them. The reason why is because rules allow for excellent guidelines to making a piece that's not only creative, but makes sense as well. In adversity, the resourceful will show their true colours, and it's your resorcefulness that we wish to see here. Don't feel intimidated, though – the rules are few, and we picked a simple theme for the first contest deliberately, because we want you to have fun with this.

:bulletred: No Christmas pictures. The theme is specifically winter. No pics or stories of the characters preparing for Christmas, either. Same with New Year's Eve or any other, special events. This is just plain, ol' winter. Also, there must be snow, so make sure it's in a geographical area where this makes sense (from northern Japan and China to Russia, Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, southern Australia... you get the idea). Naturally, the characters are required to wear winter clothes: trousers/pants, leg warmers, winter boots, hooded winter jackets that cover you from the neck and all the way down to your waist (and even over your butt), gloves, scarves, knitted caps, ear muffs, you name it. This ain't the catwalk. Make sure it's outdoors in pics, and mostly outdoors in stories.

:bulletred: Visual art and literature are both accepted, but no 3D art, arts & crafts, cosplay or photomanipulations. It must be drawn/written specifically for this contest. Poems and songs are accepted along with short stories. No XReaders or multi-chapter fanfictions. No tracing, edits, bases or dialogue copied from famous books or movies. Story submissions must be in English. No wapanese.

:bulletred: You can add any character you want from the Friends and Family folder, as well as Miisu's Satan, but you must add either Lilith, Kiyomi or Fengmei to the submission. This is to guarantee that Lilith and her offspring are part of it, which goes without saying, seeing as this is a fanclub for Lilith. You can make up random background characters that play little to no great role if you want, but don't use OCs not in the Friends and Family folder.

:bulletred: The submission must adhere to dA's rules concerning content: &… We don't want to see any pornography in your submission, nor hate art. Otherwise you're free to choose; romance, drama, action, supernatural, spiritual/religious (make sure you read up on the characters' religious views before picking this), comedy etc. One entry per participant.

Now the next question is: How do I go about signing up?

:bulletgreen: Step 1: Join the group! Non-members can't submit to the gallery folders, so if you want to add your piece, you'll have to join. We will, of course, create a folder specifically for the contest.

:bulletgreen: Step 2: Send us a group note with the concept you have in mind! This is mainly to make sure you've understood the theme of the contest. Please don't give us too general descriptions like "something romantic" or lengthy novels with too much information, especially not irrelevant stuff like the recent death of your cat or how much homework you've got. Try to be brief, but informative. For example: "Kiyomi and Yuna in a snowball fight in Northern Japan, right outside Kiyomi's family shrine." Once we have the information, we'll add your icon and the concept to the list of contestants at the bottom of this entry.

:bulletgreen: Step 3: This is when you draw/write and we twiddle our thumbs/hang out on youtube/roll our eyes at random drama queens/work/study/derp around. We can do submission checks and critiques, but ultimately the main responsibility for your submission lies with you. You can replace an old submission with a new one, if you feel the new one is better, but once that's done, the old one no longer counts and will be removed from the gallery. You can't replace the new submission with the old one later on, either.

:bulletgreen: Step 4: You submit the finished piece to the contest entry folder (please make sure it's the right folder, too). Just to be on the safe side, make sure you submit it well in time before the contest ends. You can always change or tweak it after submitting it, but once the contest deadline is nigh, your time is up.

:bulletgreen: Step 5: Now it's ours (the judges) turn to work our asses off while you can twiddle your thumbs/hang out on youtube/roll your eyes at random drama queens/work/study/derp around or whatever else comes to your mind.

:bulletgreen: Step 6: We announce the winners and celebrate with confetti, eternal glory and prizes. :D

Speaking of which, they are:

:bulletpink: 1st prize - 6 months Premium Membership from Sushi-Troll, 1500 points, 1 fullbody character with simple or transparent background from KirAlien, a stamp of your choice from Myth-Myth and 400 points from Jorik-Spiritwolves

Some samples of KirAlien's art:

:HLV: Shigeru Ide Timeskip by KirCorn :KA: Azumi by KirCorn :SA: Hideki is gonna be a waiter by KirCorn

:bulletpink: 2nd prize - 3 months Premium Membership from Sushi-Troll, 1000 points, 1 chibi from MyFinalParadox, a stamp of your choice from Myth-Myth and 200 points from Jorik-Spiritwolves

Some samples of MyFinalParadox' art:

:bulletpink: 3rd prize - 1 month Premium Membership from Sushi-Troll, 500 points, 1 character fullbody sketch from Carolineshox, a stamp of your choice from Myth-Myth and 200 points from Jorik-Spiritwolves

Some samples of Carolineshox' art:

Wolfs Rain by Carolineshox Schande Der Natur by Carolineshox Haku doodle by Carolineshox

Some of Myttie's stamps:

MephiKiyo Stamp by Myttens ::Stamp:: VieXRen by Myttens Mytties Property by Myttens

:bulletblue: Honourable mentions - 100 points each, a journal feature and a llama.

The deadline for the contest is March 15th

Kiyomi's, Fengmei's and Lilith's info sheets can be found here:

Lilith info sheet
Name: Lilith
Race: Demon
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Eden (supposedly)
Height: 187 cm (6'1'')
Weight: 88 kg
Eyes: Deep magenta with golden flecks
Hair: Black
Blood Type: Unknown
Class: N/A
Meister Type: N/A
Appearance: All Lilith has in common with Kiyomi is the eye colour. Lilith has the look of a young Caucasian woman of unearthly beauty when encountered in Gehenna. She often changes shape to fool those around her, but while in her true form, she looks as described above, only with curved horns and a golden headpiece. The headpiece is more a symbol of her independence from the demonic hierarchy and Satan than a piece of jewellery. Her skin is very pale, almost unnaturally so.
Lilith sees no practical need for clothes and thereby shuns them. She can be inclined to wear something if it serves one of her goals somehow.
Personality: Rebellious, ambit
Kiyomi info sheet
Name: Okamiya Kiyomi (岡宮清見)
Race: Half-demon (Human/Succubus)
Birthday: February 14th
Age: 17 ( * )
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Morioka, Iwate, Japan
Height: 175 cm (5'8'')
Weight: 58 kg (127,8 lbs)
Eyes: Deep magenta with golden flecks
Hair: Black
Blood Type: AB
Affiliation: Exorcists
Class: Exwire
Meister Type: Doctor
( * ) Kiyomi starts her first year at the special exorcist school at True Cross Academy after it was rebuilt, but she's already studied at the academy for a year before she did. Thus, she's one year older than Vieno.
Appearance: Despite being Japanese, Kiyomi is unusually tall. She has black, curly hair that goes down to the small of her back, but she can't be bothered to do much with it. While she's a faithful attendant at the hairdresser, it's only because she wants her hair trimmed. Only on special occasions does she g
Hua Fengmei info sheet
Name: Hua Fengmei (pinyin: Huā Fēngměi; hanzi: 花瘋美)
Race: Half-demon (Human/Succubus)
Birthday: April 18th
Age: 67
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Gehenna
Height: 172 cm (5'7'')
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Eyes: Deep magenta with a golden ring around the pupils
Hair: Chocolate brown
Blood Type: B+
Affiliation: None
Class: N/A
Meister Type: N/A
Appearance: Like Kiyomi, Fengmei has been blessed with unusual height compared to her human half. She has chocolate brown, curly hair that reaches down to her shoulders, which she faithfully keeps stylised. In more casual situations, however, she likes to keep it down.
She's a tint more tanned in skin colour than Kiyomi, thanks in part from living in middle China and spending more time outside in the sun. Just like her younger sister, her eyes are magenta, but the gold manifested in a circle around her pupils ra

Visual references of the three can be found here:

Pictures and references of the other characters can be found here:…

Feel free to contact the creators for more information.

The judges are: :iconsushi-troll:, :iconmyttie-troll:, :iconhana-e:, :iconkircorn: and :iconcarolineshox: We will judge the pieces on overall quality level, characterisation, dedication and how true to the theme and overall rules they are.

Special thanks to my fellow judges for pitching in with prizes. :love: We're also accepting prize donations, if there are any kind and generous souls out there (a big and humble thank you in advance). :heart:

Donors: :iconjorik-spiritwolves: (you can be anonymous, too, if you want)

If you have any questions, send them by group note, so we can best answer them. Thank you. :D
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